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Longevity – the elephant in the investment room

17 March 2017

Doctors are always telling their patients they need to eat less and exercise more; dentists drone on about brushing and flossing. For financial advisors, the mantra they are increasingly keen to deliver – even though few of their clients typically want to hear it, any more than they want to be reminded about their weight or their dental plaque – is  this: “Save, save, and SAVE still more for your retirement!”

Surviving the storm

16 November 2015

Global Index International prides itself on having the resilience to retain a long-term outlook in emerging markets while coping with short-term uncertainty.

Birth is time to start saving for college, experts say

03 January 2015

The total cost of putting a child born today through a top four-year US university from 2032 through 2036 is expected to run to half a million US dollars (£318,000, €401,400) or more, according to various estimates and online college-cost calculators. Currently a year at a good US uni is running around $60,000, including living costs.

Five investment basics every investor should be aware of

29 September 2014

Wealth managers are supposed to make their clients richer, while ensuring that their retirements are the best they could possibly be. (Their clients’ retirements, that is, not their own.)  This is, of course, our mission here at Global Index International, and one that we’ve been striving to deliver on for the past decade.

A new approach to investing, thank you Global Index!

31 July 2014

A big thankyou from Alquity:

I want to share a story with you of one of the ppl who's life you've helped transform.

The case for World Cup-themed investing

27 June 2014

On a certain level, it makes sense. If you love football, why not put  this passion – and consequent  deep, specialist knowledge of the subject – to a good use, by basing an investment strategy on the World Cup?